July 10, 2017

COMAG June 2017 Meeting

Our June meeting was held by the wonderful ladies of The Torch. Thank you to all of them for hosting our meeting. Mr. Jim Dailing was kind enough to give a great presentation on photographing jewelry with emphasis on light and good camera equipment.  It's something I know I need to learn more about myself.

A few of the members were lucky enough to sneak away with a few good shots of their pieces. Photography is a process and by doing it regularly it does get better with practice.  Thank you to Jim for helping us out!!  Jim is one of our great metalsmiths who is also a well known instructor in the metal arts industry. You can find him holding workshops all over the country! If you need to learn something ..he is right here in Bend, Oregon. We are so lucky..yes!

Our next meeting will be held at the Pioneer Park on July 11th from 6-9ish.  Please bring something to BBQ and your own drinks.  This is primarily a social affair. We will have a simple discussion meeting with no demos this time..just hang out and chat with your friends.  If your new ..come out and join us, we would love to meet you.

June meeting minutes are found here:  COMAG June 2017 Meeting Minutes.

Also there was a board meeting held a few hours before this meeting at The Torch.  Those minutes will be available here:  June 2017 COMAG Board Meeting Minutes.

Thanks everyone!!

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Images by Missy Powell.

COMAG's Mission Statement

A group of metal smiths and black smiths dedicated to the promotion of education, collaboration, and information in the metal arts and crafts. This is achieved through monthly meetings, public shows and demonstrations, workshops, classes and scholarships.