November 6, 2017

COMAG October Meeting 2017

October's meeting was held at the Dry Canyon Forge, thanks to Mr. Joe Elliot again...he has saved COMAG many a time for a great meet up place! And once again, Joe gave another great presentation on how to make a "texture die" the traditional way as well as using his hydraulic press and his new fly press to impress the texture into red hot steel.  His mastery of his tools and his capability is sure to be a very valuable lesson to the members of COMAG.  Once you have a small taste of what Joe does, you find that you can't get enough. It's just sooo much fun!

Minutes can be found here: October Meeting Minutes 2017

If you are interested in learning more about our organization or would like to attend a meeting, please use the contact form to the right of this page. Thank you.

COMAG September 2017 Meeting

September is always a great time for COMAG to get together for their annual tool swap. Thank you to the Douglas family for hosting us once again.  These guys always make tool swapping so easy and so much fun and.. not to mention all of the yummy food and drink makes for a fun social gathering.

This meeting discussion was pretty sweet and simple. Most everyone was tinkering with the tools and good foods and good friends.  We discussed the success of our annual show and reminded everyone to think about the upcoming elections. We always can use a few good volunteers...if your up for being a part of your community, step up...we could use your help!!

The best part of this meeting was honoring our dear friend Pete Small and doing a memorial metal pour in his name. It was a great demo to watch how beer cans be easily melted and poured into a sand casting mold!!

Meeting minutes can be found here: COMAG September 2017 Meeting Minutes

COMAG was crazy busy in August!! August 2017 Meeting Minutes

August was such a busy month for COMAG!  Our 2017 annual show was a great success!  The show looked absolutely fabulous and the work from our metal artist was short of nothing but absolute amazement and beauty.  Thank you to all of the members who have taken the time to come out to represent COMAG and for all of your hard work!  The Liberty Theater turned out to be a great showroom and coupled with First Friday, the room was certainly filled with much excitement and great energy from the public.   Also, a great big thank you to all of the members who organized this event!  You all did a remarkable job on hosting such a flawless event!

And yes!  We still had our normal August meeting, which was  held at Orion Forge thanks to our awesome COMAG President Hunter!!...  Orion Forge always brings much laughter and much excitement into exploring the hot forge for the metal worker. This meeting was lightly attended it seemed, probably because most members were getting ready for the COMAG 2017 annual show.

This meeting mostly focused on discussions with the scholarship committee and the much needed  detail and guided outline of how the scholarships will be distributed and allocated.  Also, there was some discussion with the workshops to come in the future as well as finding ways to enhance the opportunities to learn by allowing some of our own members to head workshops as well as inviting other metal art instructors to come to Bend to teach.  It ended with a sweet show and tell and there was a raffle as well.

The meeting minutes can be found here:  COMAG August 2017 meeting minutes

July 10, 2017

Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild Annual 2017 Show is coming up!!!

We are finally here. It's time for our annual COMAG Metal Arts Show! Everyone get's going to be an amazing show with many works of metal art from our metal head members of the Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild!  For the love of metal, please come see what we have made.

This year our show will be located at The Liberty Theater here in downtown Bend next to the Tower Theater.  The time will be August 4 - 5th on Friday from 1 to 9pm and Saturday from 10am - 6 pm.

The Liberty Theater is located on 849 NW Wall Street, Downtown Bend, Oregon.   First Friday will be going on so there will be lots of fun and activity to be had.

Local metal artists from jewelers to sculptors, as well as blacksmiths will be presenting to you some wonderful pieces of art that can also be purchased.   Be sure to stop in and say hello!

 COMAG 2017 Annual Retail Metal Arts Show

COMAG June 2017 Meeting

Our June meeting was held by the wonderful ladies of The Torch. Thank you to all of them for hosting our meeting. Mr. Jim Dailing was kind enough to give a great presentation on photographing jewelry with emphasis on light and good camera equipment.  It's something I know I need to learn more about myself.

A few of the members were lucky enough to sneak away with a few good shots of their pieces. Photography is a process and by doing it regularly it does get better with practice.  Thank you to Jim for helping us out!!  Jim is one of our great metalsmiths who is also a well known instructor in the metal arts industry. You can find him holding workshops all over the country! If you need to learn something ..he is right here in Bend, Oregon. We are so lucky..yes!

Our next meeting will be held at the Pioneer Park on July 11th from 6-9ish.  Please bring something to BBQ and your own drinks.  This is primarily a social affair. We will have a simple discussion meeting with no demos this time..just hang out and chat with your friends.  If your new ..come out and join us, we would love to meet you.

June meeting minutes are found here:  COMAG June 2017 Meeting Minutes.

Also there was a board meeting held a few hours before this meeting at The Torch.  Those minutes will be available here:  June 2017 COMAG Board Meeting Minutes.

Thanks everyone!!

COMAG May 2017 Meeting

 Thank you to Willow Lane Artist Creative Space for allowing us to host our May meeting!  One of our members Rochelle Davenport from Zuniga Designs  gave a great demonstration on fold forming copper and made a beautiful cuff bracelet.  A few members even decided to try out the process themselves and were able to make some pretty beautiful fold formed cuffs themselves!  Thanks again Rochelle.  We also give a great big thanks to Sean Mueller for running the projector  & AV equipment so that we can all get a real large view of this process.  It certainly makes a difference having this equipment so that we can all really see what the heck is going on!  Money well spent COMAG...good job!

This meeting also touched base on the up coming event - COMAG Annual Show in early August and other future events that COMAG is planning.  May meeting minutes are available here:  COMAG MAY 2017 Meeting Minutes.

If you are interested in meeting with and us and learning more about our organization please contact us through our blog and we will give you the information for the next meeting, date and time.

Thanks everyone.

COMAG April 2017 Meeting

Thanks to the DIY CAVE for hosting our April Meeting this year.  This is a great place to find yourself in the world of creativity. You have to check them out!  We hope you enjoyed this meet up there and realize the extensive feeling of community collaboration and how wonderful it is to have a place to create and imagine the possibilities.

Mark Manley one of our longtime blacksmiths gave a great demonstration on "how to make your own mini forge".  He showed how simple it really is to make a mini forge for just about any studio that will allow you to forge small tools for chasing and repousse, or design stamps or just about anything you can put your mind to! Thank you again Mark Manley.

Just a quick reminder for all members. Your membership fees are now due. You will no longer receive updated emails regarding meet times and places if fees have not been paid.  Also, if you do win a raffle prize, please be sure to bring a item of value for the next raffle.  All proceeds go to support the Pete Small Scholarship fund.  We appreciate your support.

April Meeting minutes are available here:  April Meeting 2017 Comag  Minutes

Thanks everyone!

April 3, 2017

COMAG Meeting March 2017

Happy March Folks! Our March 2017 meeting was hosted by Mr. Joe Elliott of Dry Canyon Forge. We're all so happy to be able to have a small reunion with Joe at his home spot once again. We thought we were seeing this place go, but it looks like Joe is going to be hanging out here just a bit longer.  Thank you again to Mr. Joe Elliott for yet hosting another meeting.

Thank you to Missy our vice president for stepping up to the plate and covering for Hunter while he was away .......good job Missy!

Missy reviewed some of the guidelines for using scholarships available for learning through COMAG.  We also touched base on the beginning stages of possibly putting on another "Process' Revealed Symposium for 2018".  And, we also discussed signing up for the next annual COMAG show at the Liberty Theater this year in August 2017.

After the meeting, some of the members got to play with metal after Joe demonstrated a bit for us.

The meeting minutes are viewable here: COMAG March 2017 Meeting Minutes.

Also, please contact us through our blog if you are interested in joining us for a meeting to see what we are all about.

Thanks Everyone...till next time.

Photo's above are courtesy of Missy Powell..thanks again Missy!

February 28, 2017

COMAG Meeting February 2017

Well, here we are in 2017.  Can you believe it!  As you all know our January 2017 meeting was cancelled TWICE because of severe snowy we have no minutes to post for January.  December 2016 was a holiday party and there was no formal meeting. A big thank you to Sandra for hosting our Christmas Party. Always so much fun!

 This leads me to February 2017 which I am happy to say that I am finally caught up on posting all of  these minutes and pictures!

Hunter Dahlberg Kellen Bateham

Thank you again to Hunter for allowing us to convene at the great Orion Forge. The first meeting of the year is always the longest as we go over our goals and review whats to come. But, the biggest news is that Hunter Dahlberg is now our new President of COMAG.  Rochelle Davenport is the new Treasurer and Kellen and Sean are our new Members at Large.  Congratulations to all of you.  We greatly appreciate all of the outgoing members for all of their hard work and time and energy to make this group what it is and of course appreciate the new members for stepping up to volunteer.

We also reviewed details as to where our 2017 meetings will be held, and also would like to remind all members to please pay their dues if they want to stay on the email list.  Hunter and Kellen put on their moving metal show and tell, as you can see.  Pretty neat that thing there.

If you are not a member yet and are interested in coming to a meeting, please contact us and someone will get back to you with the information as to the time and location. Not all of our meetings are open to the public.

If your interested in more details of this meeting please visit this link here: COMAG February 2017 Meeting Minutes.

February 27, 2017

COMAG Meeting November 2016

A thank you goes out to Mr. John Paul for hosting our November COMAG meeting at his new "Magical House of Crafts".  It's fun to get to see the new digs JP!  Pretty cool being a black smith and metal smith jeweler at the same time.

John Paul Jewelry
Photo of John Paul taken by Missy Powell.  "COMAG's Magic Medicine Man".

This meeting reviewed our group voting process and job descriptions of board members. Nominations were made and every member will be sent an email to vote for the new upcoming 2017 COMAG president and other board memebers.  Kellen Bateham has been an awesome president and we are all so honored to have his guidance and leadership for the past years.  Thank you so much made a difference!

 John Paul gave a demonstration at this meeting as well on how he does his soldering and brazing techniques.

If you are interested in learning more details about this meeting please visit this link here for COMAG November 2016 Meeting Minutes .  Our meeting for December will be a holiday party held at one of our members home.  There will be no formal meeting..just great friends, food and little fun with handmade presents.  Hope your holidays are great! Enjoy!

COMAG Meeting October 2016

Hello Everybody, 

I am catching up on a few blog post ..this last part of the year is just a busy busy time, so forgive me. 

Thank you to Hunter for hosting our October 2016 COMAG meeting.  The meeting was short and sweet.  Members were primarily asked to start considering volunteering for the new president and or who to nominate for other board positions.

 Mark Manley was kind enough to give us a demo on his "Super Quench" technique method that he uses.  And,  Scott Goodman also gave a small presentation on the history of  Karl Goetz a medal maker and artist.  He showed a slide show and some samples of medals and coins to share with our group.

If your interested in viewing more detailed minutes of this meeting you can find them in this link here:  October 2016 COMAG Meeting Minutes.


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If you are interested in learning more about our organization, please contact us!

Images by Missy Powell.

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A group of metal smiths and black smiths dedicated to the promotion of education, collaboration, and information in the metal arts and crafts. This is achieved through monthly meetings, public shows and demonstrations, workshops, classes and scholarships.