March 15, 2016

COMAG March 2016 Meeting

Dry Canyon Forge hosted its last COMAG meeting this month.  It's truly a bittersweet moment for COMAG, as Joe Elliott has decided to retire and sell his business.  We have all been honored by the presence of Joe and by giving COMAG essentially a place to rest our heart, the space to learn and grow, and a place to laugh.   Dry Canyon Forge has hosted numerous meetings for several past years where COMAG has seen a great many demonstrations by Joe and other members as well.

We want to give Joe a huge thank you for the best of his meetings.  The forge will be sorely missed...the sound of the hammers, the heat of the fire, but most of all, the fun laughter of the Dry Canyon Forge.  For you take us back in time.... what great memories!

March's meeting proceeded well as usual.  Kellen primarily discussed the success and outcome of Winter Fest.  Our next big venue is preparing for the Oxford Show in August. For those members interested in participating please contact Goph for more information.

Hunter stepped up and presented a basic outline of "How to be a demonstrator".  If your interested in giving a demonstration to COMAG members, this detailed outline here:  "Guidelines for Demonstrations" will give you some ideas of preparing for one as well as what to expect and what is to be expected.

The meeting ended with a great demonstration by Joe Elliot on forging decorative iron.

Meeting minutes can be found here:  COMAG March 2016 Minutes.

Images by Missy Powell.

In honor of Joe Elliot and Dry Canyon Forge....Black Smith.

The Mark Of A True Craftsman: Joe Elliott from Alex Hamlin on Vimeo.

Posted by Helen Sanderson

March 14, 2016

Winter Fest 2016

Winter Fest was a success this year!  Even with cold chilly icy air the public came out to play with us.  We lit up the fires and tried to keep everyone warm with a fun metal project. There was hand stamping, hammering steel with a hot forge, forging a hook and fun jewelry projects for all ages.

This year Kellen and Hunter decided that we COMAG members can accomplish an amazing feat by creating a community mural which any person from the community could also participate.    And, we did just that. Somehow with great energy we all came together as friends and a team to make it happen.

Thank you to all who participated... what an honor to be a part of this community mural..a work of art.

Its location will be announced once we know it's permanent hanging place.

Thank you to Missy Powell for her pictures and magical camera talents!

Love, Lost and Found. 2016

 Helen Sanderson

COMAG February 2016 Monthly Meeting

Hey Metal PeepS! February was a crazy and fun month for COMAG, yes!   First, thank you to McKenzie Mendel for hosting our monthly meeting on Feb.2nd 2016 at her new studio Willow Lane...a creative space for artist.   The meeting was sweet and short I heard.  Kellen introduced a few new members to the group, and proceeded to discuss a few details about upcoming Winter Fest.  He also reminded members of yearly dues and deadlines.

The meeting ended with a great demonstration of chasing and repousse by our wonderful host Mckenzie herself.  She is truly amazing with the hammer!  If your interested in a working studio space at Willow Lane please contact Mckenzie here on her website... Willow Lane. She might have an opening, just yet.

COMAG February meeting minutes are found here ...  COMAG Feb. 2016 Minutes

Thank you to Rochelle for taking notes for our minutes and to Missy for images.

-Helen Sanderson

Characters WANTED

If you are interested in learning more about our organization, please contact us!

Images by Missy Powell.

COMAG's Mission Statement

A group of metal smiths and black smiths dedicated to the promotion of education, collaboration, and information in the metal arts and crafts. This is achieved through monthly meetings, public shows and demonstrations, workshops, classes and scholarships.